About Us

Our Vision

Helping people live healthier lives. Enhance the ambiance of your desired installation zone. Protect and heal the environment for future generations.

Our Mission

Our MISSION is to provide solutions to build an ambience for your workout where you feel more energetic and motivated to achieve your fitness goals to lead an active and healthy life..


At GYMTEX RUBBER FLOORINGs Earning a customer for life is a process. GYMTEX RUBBER FLOORINGs believes that our partnership does not end upon product installation; in fact it’s just the beginning!

GYMTEX RUBBER FLOORINGs India is a professionally managed manufacturer & exporter of engineering and commercial rubber flooring tiles, virgin-PVC interlocking tiles, PU dumbbells, PU weight plates & Olympic bars established in 1990 founded in New Delhi, India. The group has decades of experience in this business. Our network of 1000+ dealers and Display Centers covers all major towns and cities in India.

Why work with us?

Trust, quality performance: GYMTEX RUBBER FLOORINGs India presents its global clients for over 28 years. We beleive in quality and that's why get our client's trust. We strive to provide best services to our customers.

Why do clienteles like working with us?

Values: GYMTEX RUBBER FLOORINGs India trusts in integrity, as well as doing the job correctly every time, and we don’t diverge from our values. That constancy is what retains clienteles loyal and allows us to entice new clientele.

Client value addition : GYMTEX RUBBER FLOORINGs India takes a consulting method to sales through understanding our clients’ needs and commending them choices so that they could make the best decision for themselves. Finally, our clienteles will be using the product later not us. Because of our significant product range as well as a well-skilled sales team, we can aid you to make the correct choice.

Service: No matter how worthy the product is, if it is not installed correctly if there is no appropriate maintenance or client service, then what is the purpose of spending additional on a high-end product. GYMTEX RUBBER FLOORING India has sound teamwork founded culture through experts in each area that can confirm that your surface could be liked for a long time.

Experience: We have been involved through specialized surfaces globally for a long time. While you work with us, you distinguish that you are working through a company that has 28+ years’ experience. We accomplish for you and help you evade excessive costs. Our values are very significant to us: It is whatever we live by on a day to day basis. We trust in:

Continuous learning: As a firm, we believe in the uppermost levels of performance, plus constant learning to confirm we stay pertinent in a varying world

Character: We trust that each GYMTEX RUBBER FLOORINGs India team associate should showcase high levels of ethics, skill, and esteem for others

Running together: We hold a culture of teamwork where we syndicate our collective fortes to meet aspiring goalmouths that we set for ourselve

Authorization: Each GYMTEX RUBBER FLOORINGs India group member is empowered from the day they join-In doing so; we hope to offer an overall better experience for our clientele.

Creating a difference: We trust in ensuring our clienteles get the right solution, so that they can for instance educate kids more efficiently plus help persons lead healthier lifestyles through engaging in sports. Similarly, we believe in giving back to those who are less fortunate than us over donations to deprived schools.